Why Eyewear Is A Great Niche for Your Fashion-Focused TikToks

TikTokโ€™s popularity has enabled it to reach a wide range of audiences across the globe. In 2022, mobile intelligence firm Apptopia named TikTok as the most downloaded app worldwide, garnering 672 million users. According to a Pew Research Center survey, 58% of US teenagers use TikTok daily. By providing a personalized flow of short and entertaining videos that are perfect for people with short attention spans, itโ€™s no surprise that many users find the social media platform addictive.

Best Practices for Going Live on TikTok

There are a myriad of content possibilities that can make a TikTok video go viral. You can try a dance challenge, share beauty tips, review products, and even collaborate with other creators or brands to help you reach a larger audience. For fashion TikTokkers, finding a niche is often the best way to connect with audiences and push your content. This is where eyewear can come in

Several fashion trends that involve eyewear, such as the dark academia aesthetic, have gained popularity thanks to the app, which makes it a particularly strong contender for fashion content. Below, we take a closer look at why eyewear is a great niche for your fashion-focused TikToks.

Eyewear is suitable for all ages

Young people arenโ€™t the only ones who may take an interest in eyewear, which means you can also cater to older audiences who are seeking fashion tips or inspiration on how they can look stylish with glasses. You can feature reading glasses from Readers by discussing which type of clothes are a perfect match for specific frames. Trying out options like the Conrad and Key West reading sunglasses in different wardrobe choices, for instance, is a good way for your viewers to get styling ideas. Focusing on a niche that all ages can relate to can enable you to generate more engagement, thus helping you reach more viewers.

Viewers dig creative content

Some sunglasses brands are a huge hit on TikTok, thanks to their unique and engaging marketing strategies that attract users to not just watch their content, but also buy their products. For instance, retailer Pair Eyewear became popular on the app because of a customerโ€™s video featuring the brandโ€™s different styles of customizable glasses that garnered hundreds of thousands of likes. Since then, Pair Eyewear leveraged the advantages of TikTok by creating selfie-style video content that shows the many creative ways of accessorizing glasses. A Modern Retail report mentioned that roughly 50,000 of the Pair Eyewearโ€™s customers come from TikTok. This proves that with a little bit of creativity in your videos, such as tips on accessorizing customizable glasses, you can engage viewers or even encourage them to personalize their glasses.

Lots of eyewear and fashion trends start on TikTok

From cottage core to Barbiecore, TikTok has served as a launching pad for various fashion trends. Today, eyewear has become an important component of the office siren aesthetic, which features a corporate look composed of a pencil skirt, fitted blouse, and of course, glasses. The Y2K resurgence on TikTok videos also features rectangular or oval glasses, also known as Bayonetta glasses, which are typically small in size and sport the oval or soft square-shaped frames that became famous during the early 2000s. Today, Bayonetta glasses are enjoying a resurgence in popularity, with Miu Miu showcasing the frame style on the runway, all thanks to TikTok outfit styling videos and a filter that can show viewers what they look like with the glasses.

Eyewear-related TikTok content is a great niche that can attract viewers and engagement. Since itโ€™s suitable for all ages and is a popular accessory in viral TikTok trends, eyewear can help you gain traction and reach a wide audience. For more articles on social media, visit the Emojifaces website.

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