WP Force SSL: Total Review

SSL stands for Secure sockets layer. It is a type of digital “document” that consists of a public and private key, which makes the website´s identity. It also contains information about the website, like its domain name, the site´s owner, and much more. Every site should have an SSL certificate since does a lot for your security. No matter what your site is doing, with what kind of information it is working with, an SSL certificate should be a must-have.

Web Security

Just imagine your information being sent from one computer to another, and being delivered to the person it was intended for, no matter what the information is. In this way, it encrypts your information, so it can not be seen by anyone while the information is being delivered. It does not only provide authentication but also trust between your users. Not having an SSL certificate might result in you losing customers, since rarely anyone will give you their sensitive information with the possibility of them being leaked, and hackers attacking your site.

Here we have two terms that you might not be familiar with, or just never paid close attention to.

HTTP- is a Hypertext Transfer Protocol, and easiest said, it is a protocol used to transfer data over a certain network.

HTTPS- is the same protocol, only the added S represents that the protocol is “secure”.

To make this story a bit shorter, you should definitely consider including an SSL certificate in your site since it protects your data, affirms your identity, improves your SEO, and also improves trust between you and your customers/visitors.

In today´s article, we would like to present you with a tool, that you might consider incorporating into your site, thanks to all of the great features it holds.

WP Force SSL

WP Force SSL is an amazing tool that will help you with everything that is SSL-related. Let us go over some of the features it offers. The first one is the fact that it will cover all of the things you might need to help with your SSL. This means it saves you both time and money, not having to invest in a bunch of different tools since this is an all-in-one tool.

One of the things in this aspect is SSL monitoring, making sure you do not forget to renew your certificate since the certificate is not only installing it but also maintained. Thanks to its centralized dashboard you can manage all of your things in one place, such as purchases, licenses, sites, and much more. The tool is very easy to use and does not require any special knowledge thanks to its user-friendly interface. If you ever run into any kind of problem, a strong team of experts is there to help you at any time.

WP Force SSL License

I really do consider this tool to be the one on the market, that is SSL related. The prices of other tools are ridiculous compared to this one, since they are the same or even higher, and the features they offer, are not even comparable to the ones WP Force SSL offers.

One of the best things is the fact that it offers a free version as well.

This version offers you a lot of tests that can be done on your website that are related to your SSL. All you have to do is run the tests, and the plugin will give you a list of the tests, which ones have passed, and which ones require some additional attention. Some of the tests are: checking if the site is on the localhost, SSL certification checks (if the latest version is installed, its expiry date, and so on), is HSTS enabled, is HTTPS working, and many more.

In the free version, you can also do some settings changes, like redirecting HTTP to HTTPS, enabling HSTS, X-frame options, expecting CT header, and more. Even though the free version is great, and offers some really great features, we do recommend getting the Pro version, and we will tell you why right now.

WP Force SSL Pro

WP Force SSL Monitoring

This is a pro version of the same tool. Even the pro plan has additional plans inside of it between you can choose, depending on what your needs are. The first one is Personal Lifetime. It costs $59, for a one-time purchase. Inside of It you are getting a one-site license, endless updates and support, a content scanner, dashboard, real-time SSL monitoring, and all current and future tool features.

The second plan is Team Lifetime, which costs $89 and includes all of the features from Personal, but only includes 5 sites license and also White-label mode. The last plan is called Agency lifetime, which includes all of the features from the previously mentioned plans, and also includes rebranding and offers 100 sites license. It is up to you; what you and your business need. Based on that fact you will be choosing which plan to use.

WP Force SSL Content Scanner

This is for sure the best tool on the market, and this is speaking only based on its features. The pro version is also very easy to use, and easy to figure out your way around it, thanks to its extremely user-friendly interface. The content scanner feature is a very useful one since it scans all of your content and prevents the presence of any mixed content. The feature does it in a few seconds, and you doing it manually would take you tons of time.


To conclude today´s story we would like to, once more, say how important SSL certificates are, and that you should consider incorporating them into your site. WP Force SSL definitely is the best tool on the market, and the fact that you can even use it for free is amazing.

Security of your information, and especially your customers/visitors should be your top priority. Losing trust from your customers means losing your customers, and you can not go back if you gain a bad reputation amongst them. SSL certificate will for sure help you with this, and allow you to completely forget it, so you do not have to think about it in the future.

We do recommend WP Force SSL, since it is the best tool we have come across, in dealing with SSL. We hope that this article intrigued you even the slightest, at least for you to try the free version, and then upgrade to the Pro one. This won´t cost you a thing, but a bit of time.

We hope that you have found this article helpful.

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