What Is an API, and How Do Developers Use Them?

API stands for Application Programming Interface and it is a type of software interface. What this means is that with API you can make two or more computer programs to communicate in a way. Basically, if you ever need two computer programs connected, you can do it using API and if you want to know exactly how to do that, you will study the API specification.

If you are a developer, you might have already used this and know how to use it but developer or not it would not hurt to know more about this. In this article, we are going to discuss API and how developers use it.

API is a piece of coding which allows information to be passed on and in that way you can communicate through different devices, systems, or even applications. This type of information can be anything from data to images, videos, or any type of file. You don’t have to use API just for business purposes, it can be used for both business and personal purposes. There are four most common types of an API and those are private, partner, open/public, or composite.

Private APIs focus on in-team relations, they are meant to be for your team or organization. They can’t be worked on with external developers, it is only for more private needs. You can adapt them to fit your team’s needs. If you need APIs that will adapt to your colleagues then you use partner APIs. These are used for collaborations. This way information can be shared between two businesses in a safe, fast and efficient way.

The third group, open APIs can be used by anyone and that is precisely why they are called open or public APIs. You might need a subscription but that all depends on how often you plan on using it because you can decide to use a completely free one. When it comes to composite, you use them if you need to get responses from multiple programs and then simplify them into one platform.

If you want to know how to use APIs, then keep on reading. APIs are amazing for developers because it saves their time and allows them to focus on other important things. The way it works is that developers don’t have to do any more extra coding or make a whole innovation to make something work.

There is an API for almost everything: for example, if you want fingerprint authentification – there is an API for that. If there wasn’t one, developers would lose hours of their time trying to test every application out there.

We have all seen one API in play and that is the geolocation API. Developers can use the geolocation API if they need to figure out your location and that happens in a way that it pops up on our website window and we can click if we want to allow them to know or not know our location.

This means that some of the APIs are being shown and location one is one of them but this means that it also keeps you safe because you are still the boss and can decide if you want your location to be shown.


In this article, we have discussed APIs. We have concluded that there are many types of APIs out there and we can choose which one works the best for our needs. APIs are great for developers because they save their time and they can use them in many ways. If you are a developer, then you certainly need to get API to make your life easier!

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