Tips to Stay Safe When Playing Online

Whether you’re a pro gamer or someone who likes to play mobile games on iPhone and Android, it’s important that you stay safe while playing online. This way, you won’t have to worry about your account getting hacked or your personal details being stolen. So, with that said, learn how to boost your online gaming security with these top tips.


1. Only Use SSL Certified Websites

A lot of people like to play online games by visiting websites, which is usually because the websites are free to access. What matters, though, is that you only use SSL-certified websites. When a gaming site has an SSL certificate, it means that its identity has been authenticated, and the website enables encrypted connections, therefore keeping you (the gamer) safe.

Let’s shift the focus to online casino sites as a general example. Online casinos are now extremely popular in gaming, as they provide you with all your favorite casino games, from online slots to video poker. The best part about this is that online casinos like JackpotCity have SSL certification and plenty of other security features. What this means is that you can play online casino games with peace of mind, knowing that your account and gambling funds are safe.

2. Choose Strong Passwords

In 2023, there are countless different gaming platforms to choose from, including:

To play online on any of these platforms, you must create an account (e.g., the PlayStation 5 requires a PSN membership). No matter which platforms you create accounts for, make sure to choose strong passwords. If not, it makes life easy for hackers who use password-cracking tools.

Remember, a strong password should include a combination of numbers, letters, and special symbols. Also, don’t make your password personal to you, as it’ll make your password more guessable.

3. Turn on Two-Factor Authentication

Next, you should turn on two-factor authentication across all your gaming accounts. When you do this, you’ll generally be given two options:

  • Email two-factor authentication
  • SMS two-factor authentication

Let’s say that you choose email two-factor authentication. Any time you log into your account in the future, you’ll get an email with a code inside it. You must then enter this code on the log in screen to verify your identity and confirm it’s you. This is a great security measure, as it means hackers can’t get into your account even if they know your password, as they ultimately don’t have access to your email.

Gaming privacy

4. Change Your Privacy Settings

Every gaming platform comes with privacy settings. Generally, it’s a good idea to set your accounts to private so that only you (and close friends) can view them. As a result, you don’t have to worry about potential hackers and other individuals with bad intentions snooping around your account and taking note of important details.

5. Be Careful Who You Talk To

One of the fun aspects of online gaming is that you get to join game lobbies with other people and speak to them via microphone or messaging. However, as fun as this can be, be careful who you talk to. If a stranger asks for your personal information or to meet up with you, decline and block them. And if you have any further security concerns, you can contact your gaming platform for support.

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