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Blogging is an important way of presenting news and experience. Over the years, many blogging platforms have been developed, offering an opportunity to everyone who wants to share something to start their blog. However, if someone does not want to have their blog or writes elsewhere, guest posting is available.

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Guest posting refers to publishing content on websites from other bloggers. A person who publishes its content on other websites is a guest author or contributor. There are many blogs that offer guest posting. These blogs can contain general content or be specialized for some subject. This article lists some of the best technology blogs open for guest posting. So stay with us if you are a blogger searching for technology guest posting sites.

Benefits of guest posting

Even though you as an author should focus on creating quality content on your blog to grow an audience and traffic, posting on other people’s blogs can benefit both sides. These benefits lead you to the same goal:Β growing your community and business. We will mention some of the benefits you should consider when creating content and guest posting.

It makes your network bigger.

If you are considering guest posting, you should be prepared for new contacts, make some, accept some, and be criticized by some. And who does not like that?

You should start searching for blogs that are open for guest contributors. Many bloggers would like to spice up their blogs with different content. It allows you to make new connections by sharing your content. If your content is good, it becomes your ID among similar bloggers, bringing more readers to your posts wherever you are.

It boosts your rankings and traffic.

When you become noticed elsewhere, it positively affects your website as well. Guest posting helps your posts and website to be found easily and have a better rank in search engines. While writing on other websites, you should include your link as backlinks that lead readers to your blog. The more you have, the better. Also, more posts on different blogs bring more links and better traffic. Furthermore, if your posts are shared on social media by other bloggers, it gets more eyes on you. All of these things help your business to grow.

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It makes you a recognized author.

Writing for yourself is good, but let’s face it: even if it is not that good, you can post it if you want because you are the boss. However, if you are willing to guest post elsewhere, you should research, write punctual, precise, and well-organized text, triple-check your content, and then post it to see if it is well-accepted. All of it boosts your reputation and makes you a recognized author. In addition, it attracts readers to know more about you and read other works, which leads them to your website. Thus, it again increases your traffic and community.

Your brand grows.

If you are recognized, your content is unique and specific, and people want to read more from you. Your posts on popular blogs also benefit them, which makes others ask for your content. It leads you to become a recognized name in your preferred niche; it grows your community and unique visitors to your website, boosting your traffic. You are growing as a popular brand that can influence others, make more contacts, and go deeper into other businesses and sales.

How to find sites that accept guest blogging

There are many sites where you can guest post. However, the easiest way to find the right hosting blog for your content is by going through theΒ list of 5,000+ sites that accept guest posts. The list contains different categories and topics for everyone.


If you want to start the vintage way, you can use Google Search or social media. You should be careful with the target keywords and do an advanced search to get only the most relevant results. Also, forums are still an option for deep searches. You can read about experiences and reviews and easily filter your selection.

List of 50+ technology sites available for guest posting

Now that you understand what guest posting is, how it can help you, and how you can find sites for guest posting, it is time to write a shorter list of the best 50+ technology sites available for guest posting.


Guest posting lets you share your content on sites that are not yours. It helps you grow your community and brand. As a result, you attract more traffic and audience to your blog. However, finding the right guest posting site can be challenging. The easiest way is to go through the list ofΒ 5,000+ sites that accept guest posts with different categories and topics and select the best for you.

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