The Comprehensive React Developer Salary Guide by Countries and Continents

A React developer is a software engineering specialist who uses React JS to create and implement user-facing features for websites and applications. Given the enormous need for professionals with knowledge of the most widely used JavaScript library for web development, the subject of React developer salary ranges and rates is crucial. There is a higher demand than for any other web development technology for frontend and full-stack engineers that use React as the foundation of their tech stack.

React JS developer salary in the United Kingdom

The UK is the second-largest economy in Europe behind Germany, but it has a much larger job market for IT professionals and software engineers. This makes us wonder what the annual React JS salary is.

A React developer’s median annual pay, according to data from based on 10,000 salaries, is £57,424. That comes out to £4785 a month or £29.45 per hour. In the UK, salaries for junior React engineers start at about £45,000 a year, or £3750 a month, while senior roles may bring in up to £77,500 a year, or £6458 a month.

React JS developer salary in the United States

The world’s largest economy and technology sector are both represented by the USA. There are more React developers in the USA than in any other nation, but there is also a far higher demand than supply for software developers and other IT experts. Naturally, this raises wage levels.

The monthly React engineer salary in the USA is $119,992 per year, or around $10,000 per month, according to data from based on 1298 salaries. Salary ranges for senior React engineers may exceed $150,000 annually or $12,500 per month, with the lower end of the range still being very high at $100,000 annually or $8333 per month.

React JS developer salary in Ukraine

Despite recent geopolitical unrest, Ukraine still has a large pool of IT expertise, and many competent developers continue to operate from secure locations within the nation. Data from, a Ukrainian IT employment marketplace, reveals the wide variety of React programmer salaries.

Offers for entry-level roles start at $500 per month, or $6000 annually, and go up to about $7000 per month, or $84,000 annually, for senior React engineers. The average income is about $3,500 per month or $42,000 annually.

React JS developer salary range in Poland

According to the Polish IT salary online website Zarobki, the annual compensation range for React developers in Poland is between PLN142,968 (€31,175) and PLN206,520 (€45,033), or between PLN11,914 (€2598) and PLN17,210 (€3753) per month. Polish junior React developers may anticipate making about PLN 8000 (€1744) per month or PLN 96,000 (€20,934) per year. Senior React engineers may make as much as PLN247,692 (€54,011) per year or PLN20,641 (€4500) every month.

React JS developer salary range in Switzerland

React engineers make an average of CHF117,500 (€113,917) per year in Switzerland, a country widely renowned for its high salaries. At the bottom of the Swiss pay range, React engineers make a respectable CHF90,000 (€87,256), while senior software developers with React competence may make up to CHF125,000 (€121,119) at the top of the spectrum.

React programmer salary range in Germany

The average yearly income for a React developer, according to the German wages statistics website, is €62,185. The typical range, eliminating the top and worst 25 percentiles, is €55,557 to €69,579. In Germany, a React developer can expect to make €5015 a month on average. also breaks out typical earnings by years of experience, with those with the most outstanding experience earning up to €5665 per month, or €70,250 annually, and those with less experience beginning at €4420 per month, or €54,808 annually.

React JS has attracted a lot of favorable attention and has been in high demand since its introduction in 2013. How much is a React JS developer’s salary is a prevalent question these days.

This shows that React is very well-liked, and this popular trend is expected to last for quite some time. Popularity is crucial for open-source projects like this one, as more developers utilizing it means more job vacancies and attractive compensation for the best React developers.

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