How Much Do Web Developers Make


In the modern workplace, web development skills are highly sought-after. Websites are designed and built by web developers.

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They frequently control the functionality, upkeep, and capacity of a site. A web developer’s duties include writing site content, designing a site’s look and feel, producing an easy-to-use user interface, building, and coding a site’s structure, testing a site’s functionality, etc.

Career paths

You will have a wide range of job opportunities if you are an experienced web development specialist. Here are some potential job paths: back-end developer, front-end developer, full-stack engineer, software engineer, and others.

Front-end developers design the appearance and feel of a website that visitors see, whereas back-end developers design and code the website’s basic structure and functioning. These skill sets are combined by full-stack developers to work on every element of a website’s operation and design.

There is a huge demand for developers. The drawback of this is that the industry can be quite competitive. To attain the best employment, you’ll probably need to learn several languages and a wide range of abilities. Staying current with popular frameworks and languages is essential.

Salary ranges

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New web developers typically make less money than seasoned professionals, while those with more schooling or credentials make more money. You may take several actions to increase your knowledge and experience and get the pay you want. Salary is influenced by various criteria, including skill set, location, cost of living, and experience level.

The estimate from Glassdoor puts the salary at $68.5k per year. Even at the low end of the scale, you may make $44k annually, while the highest-paid web developers make a respectable $154,550.

To put things into perspective, the median entry-level web developer salary is around $110k, the median intermediate web developer salary is around $113k, and the median senior web developer salary is around $116k.

As we mentioned above, salary can also depend on technology and programming language. For example, a PHP developer will earn around $107k, a frontend developer will earn around $100k, and a backend developer will earn around $115k.

The salary also depends on the size of the company you are employed in. Some developers, precisely around 18% of them, are self-employed, which gives them the possibility to set their rates and choose the highest-paying projects. On the other side, when considering companies that employ developers, a general rule is that smaller companies pay their employees less. Larger companies have the resources not only to give higher pay but to also provide equity, profit sharing, bonuses, etc.

The IT sector as a whole is flourishing, and jobs related to programming, in general, are rising at a 12% rate. This may not seem like much, but we have to keep in mind that the typical job growth across all industries is around 5%.


Since almost every sector needs an online presence to succeed, web developers can work in a variety of fields. However, some businesses employ more web developers than others, and the wage rate can change depending on the sector you choose.

If you are serious about beginning a career as a web developer, you must first ensure that you obtain the necessary abilities. Before presenting your talents or attending an interview, be well-prepared. This is your opportunity to work a job that pays well, is flexible, and provides you with a sense of fulfillment.

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