🅱️ B Button Emoji

B Emoji is represented by a Letter B in the image with a square with red background. This Emoji is usually known as Blood Type B Emoji. It is one of the most confused Emoji in the library today. It is supposed to represent blood types but most of the time people don’t use it for this purpose.
Today there are several instances that you can use this Emoji. Most of the people prefer to use the b Emoji memes to communicate their specific message. However, the meaning and the use of letter b Emoji depends entirely on the topic at hand and the specific message you wanted to communicate.
This Emoji appeared in 2010 but it hasn’t been that common when it comes to our daily communications. However its popularity has grown over time and now people have started using this Emoji on daily communications. By that time, it was known as b Button (Blood type).

Blood Type B Emoji was added to Unicode 6.0 in 2010 and Emoji 1.0 in 2015.

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Unicode Code Point(s)
🅱️: U+1F171

🅱️ Images


Android 9.0 Pie

Google (Android 9.0 Pie)

Twemoji 11.1

Twitter (Twemoji 11.1)

Android 8.0 Oreo

Google (Android 8.0 Oreo)

Twemoji 2.3

Twitter (Twemoji 2.3)

FxEmojis 1.7.9

Mozilla (Firefox OS 2.5)

Android 7.1.1

Google (Android 7.1.1 Nougat)

🅱️ Codes

Shortcode :b:
Decimal HTML Entity 🅱️
Hexadecimal HTML Entity 🅱️
Punycode xn--137h
URL Escape Code %F0%9F%85%B1%EF%B8%8F
JavaScript & JSON \ud83c\udd71\ufe0f
C, C++ & Java \ud83c\udd71\ufe0f

What does the b Emoji mean?

Letter b Emoji is in most of the cases used to represent the blood type. However, it can as well be used to represent the grade that you got in a test. There are some of the people that use this Emoji to ask for answers regarding a specific question they are asking for.
This Emoji is also used to grade people and instances as average. However, the way you use this Emoji can depict a different meaning. When you use this Emoji together with the Hospital Emoji, then it is crystal clear that you are talking about the blood group. You can as well use it together with the school Emoji to show that you are either using it to represent the grade you have or the answer to a specific question. It can also be used with the man Emoji or the woman Emoji to show your grade for a certain being.

Want to know a B Bloody type fun fact?

There are several beliefs that are associated with the Blood Group. A good example is a popular belief that is prevalent in East Asia about a Person’s Blood type. These people usually believe that somebody’s blood type influences their personality, character and compatibility with other people in the society. People in this part of Asia took the B Button Emoji to reveal their blood type on media platforms but mostly on Dating contexts. This Emoji went in a whole different path in the US when a Los Angeles Street Gang-the Bloods were known for changing words with letter C to Bs as it was evident in the Gang name Crips. Later in the years, this Emoji become directly associated with problematic and in other cases racist memes on social media

Example of contexts you use the b button Emoji

That an average student 🅱️ but if she puts more efforts in her studies, she may get better grades.

There are some of the people that cannot work as needed but they always deliver good work. These are the people 🅱️ we need to train.