👌 Ok Emoji

Ok Emoji say everything that needs to be said. Hand Emoji are also a subtle nod to sign language.

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Ok emoji was added to Unicode 6.0 in 2010 and Emoji 1.0 in 2015.

Unicode Code Point(s)
👌 : U+1F44C

Versions with a skin tone modifier applied:

👌🏻 OK Hand: Light Skin Tone
👌🏼 OK Hand: Medium-light Skin Tone
👌🏽 OK Hand: Medium Skin Tone
👌🏾 OK Hand: Medium-dark Skin Tone
👌🏿 OK Hand: Dark Skin Tone

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Android 9.0 Pie

Google (Android 9.0 Pie)

Twemoji 11.1

Twitter (Twemoji 11.1)

Android 8.0 Oreo

Google (Android 8.0 Oreo)

Twemoji 2.3

Twitter (Twemoji 2.3)

FxEmojis 1.7.9

Mozilla (Firefox OS 2.5)

Android 7.1.1

Google (Android 7.1.1 Nougat)

👌 Codes

Shortcode :ok_hand:
Decimal HTML Entity 👌
Hexadecimal HTML Entity 👌
Punycode xn--xp8h
URL Escape Code %F0%9F%91%8C
JavaScript & JSON \ud83d\udc4c
C, C++ & Java \ud83d\udc4c

What does Ok Emoji means

This Emoji is the most frequently used and it’s like the thumbs up but more fun to use in almost all the contexts. This Emoji has several meanings but the main reason why it is used is to show that something is perfect.

The ok hand Emoji is signified by a gesture showing the index finger and the thumb touching. The two fingers are molded to make an open circle which has several meanings. The first thing is that it is used to signify that ‘’I am ok’’. It can as well be used to convey more messages such as ‘’yes’’, ‘’good’’, or that’s good’’.

This gesture has become very popular. It is now incorporated in the American Sign Language ASL to resemble number nine. In some places, it is known as the Ok sign emoji.


Ok hand sign emoji was approved as part of the Unicode 6.0 in 2010. It was also later added to Emoji 1.0 in 2015. This Emoji is also known as the perfect Emoji. The Ok hand Emojibegan to get popular in 2015 with the Trump supporters. At this point in time, the hate has grown to an extent that Zina Bash who was clerk of Brett Kavanaugh’s stood up to make an OK sign with her hand during a court summon.

How to uses Ok hand sign Emoji

Ok hand has become popular and is now used in a couple of accessions. As I had already stated above, this Emoji is used to resemble number nine in ASL. It is used to symbolize a sense of comfort or a sigh of relief especiallyin an occasion where there was a prior trouble. Once everything is back to normal and you are not hurt, then you can use OK hand to show that you are now OKAY.

However in some occasions, it is regarded as an offensive way of gesturing to someone. This is especially the case in some parts of the middle east and South America. Ok Hand sign Emoji can be used to show compliments. ‘’Hi Kai, that dress looks Ok’’ you look lit in that dress. Ok hand Emoji can also be used to show how much you care.


If you want to use the OK hand sign, then there are several instances where it can fit.

Hi jane that outfit is fine. Its….’’👌’’

However, when using this Emoji face to face, you should note the space between the fingers.

Secretary: ‘’Hello Marvin, after the last meeting that we had with the company directors, we agreed to have a general meeting on 21st March 2019’’.

Marvin: ‘’👌’’.