🤔 Thinking Emoji

Thinking Emoji is a recent addition. It was added in 2015 but it has become so popular over time. This shows a face with a finger and thumb resting below its mouth trying to show that something is bothering the mind. The thinking face Emoji hand is placed at this position to show how deeply someone is thinking about something. This look is meant to recreate the classic look. In most of the situations, this Emoji is used to show that you are in deep thoughts.
It first appeared in 2015 and refereed as the thinking Emoji. However, now it can be referred to as the Thinking Emoji or the Thinking Symbol. There are some of the people that refer to it as the question Face.

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Emоji Thinking was added to Unicode 8.0 in 2016 and Emoji 1.0 in 2015.

Unicode Code Point(s)
🤔: U+1F914

🤔 Images


Android 9.0 Pie

Google (Android 9.0 Pie)

Twemoji 11.1

Twitter (Twemoji 11.1)

Android 8.0 Oreo

Google (Android 8.0 Oreo)

Twemoji 2.3

Twitter (Twemoji 2.3)

Android 7.1.1

Google (Android 7.1.1 Nougat)

🤔 Codes

Shortcode :thinking:
Decimal HTML Entity 🤔
Hexadecimal HTML Entity 🤔
Punycode xn--wp9h
URL Escape Code %F0%9F%A4%94
JavaScript & JSON \ud83e\udd14
C, C++ & Java \ud83e\udd14

What thinking face Emoji means?

Its obvious that this Emoji is used to mean that someone is deeply thinking about something. Someone may be thinking of something that you just said or something that you two are trying to agree on. A good example is if you are requesting someone to go with you for a road trip. This Emoji can be used in this case to mean that they are trying to consider your request before making a decision.
It can as well be used to show that someone is thinking deeply about a statement that you just made. Whether the statement is true or not. If someone didn’t get exactly what you said or if they are trying to internalize your comments, then this Emoji can as well be used to express what’s in their mind.
Besides the above meaning, it can as well be used to express surprise. It sometimes appears in the meaning of ‘’I cannot believe that’’. In some situations where you cannot believe someone has done something or something has happened, then this Emoji can be used in such a situation.
There are some of the people that use it to show that they are really doubting something. It perfectly fits in a context where someone is really doubting a statement made. It shows that someone is really thinking about it to establish whether it really the case or not.
Thinking Emoji hand can be used together with another Emoji to show a totally different meaning. It can be used together with a thinking Emoji to indicate that you are attempting to come up with an idea or a plan. It is also used together with a bulb Emoji to show that you have just had a brainwave. You can also use the thinking emoji as a meme.

How to use thinking Emoji hand?

There are several ways through which you can get this Emoji in your smart devoice. You can copy and paste this Emoji on our website. The good thing is that most of the devices today come with an Emoji library where you can get all the Emojis.

Example uses of Emoji Thinking in conversations

‘’Hi, Are you talking about me? 🤔’’

‘’What did you say about us getting a weekend out? 🤔’’

‘’What can I buy for my daughters 18th Birthday? 🤔 Am really out of ideas’’.

‘’Our lecturer didn’t decide when to deliver the CAT paper? 🤔 What now? ‘’